Girls playing drones VS Boys playing drones

2020-03-07 17:37 Author:Holy Stone 2


For electronic mechanical products such as drones, girls naturally have some strangeness, and they are curious yet afraid of them. When they play drones, they are in contrast to boys:

-It's too windy today

Girl: It's ready to fly within 100 meters.

Boy: Try the wind resistance of this machine!


-Go to the beach

Girl: It's best to take a picture of the heroine who runs on the beach and share friends!

Boy: The sea must be awesome to shoot, share it with friends.

-Landing after flying

Girl: Wipe my little plane carefully and put it in the bag!

Boys: put it directly into the bag.

-Since having a drone

Girl: Start planning a trip and meet a new self!

Boy: I want to see the scenery on the other side of the mountain in my hometown.

In fact, girls can also play drones terrific

Many female pilots can see the wider world through drones!


Are there any girls around you who like drones?

Open the door to the flying world for them!