HS120D FPV Drone with GPS System


Maybe the lightest GPS drone.

HS120D Cover.png
  • 16 Min Fight Time
  • 120° FOV FPV Wi-Fi Camera
  • GPS Location & Auto Return
  • 1080P Enhanced Camera

  • FPV Live Video Feed

Small and Light, Not FAA Required

Smaller than a piece of A4 paper, so light and no need FAA registration. 

HS120D Size.jpg

Fly with GPS System

With the GPS system supporting, the drone HS120D can fly safer and easier, provide more fun of flying experience.

HS120D GPS.jpg

Follow Me Mode

HS120D can automatically recognize you and follows you wherever you move, offers hand-free flight and shooting, well for selfie. 

HS120D Follow Me Mode.jpg

Custom Flight Path

Tap your phone screen, draw a path, and the HS120D will fly in the direction of your tap or exactly where you tapped. 

HS120D Custom Flight Path.jpg

Smart Return

GPS positioning enables the drone to automatically return to home when battery is low, signal is weak, or lost. 

HS120D One Key Return.jpg

Face Tracking

Camera recognize the image and automatically follow, easier for taking selfie. 

HS120D Face Tracking.jpg

Easy Control

One Key Takeoff/Landing:Lift off or land with a single press.  

HS120D One Key Landing.jpg

Longer Flight Experience

HS120D can fly up to 16 minutes with a fully-charged battery, which is double than other brand, you can see more during your flight.  

HS120D Flight Time.jpg

HS120D Fight Talk

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