HS370 Mini Drone with Camera

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Capture High Definition Photos & Videos

Built in 720p HD and 60° wide angle camera, allows you to shoot incredible sky scenery, photos and videos will automatically save to your smart phone.

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More Stable

Altitude-Hold function ensures a steady hover at a certain altitude. Great pictures and videos are feasible under this function. With Headless mode and One Key Start / Landing functions, fly this bird can be so simple!

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Intelligent and Fun

With Gravity sensor, you can simply control the drone by adjusting the horizontal position of smartphone; Drawing a flight path on screen, the drone will fly accordingly.

HS370 Flight path.jpg

Better Play Experience

Come with 2 optimized modular batteries double the flight time, enjoy up to 24 mins flying! Handheld Size, makes it good for indoor and outdoor!

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Worry Free Fly

Press One Key Return, the drone will automatically fly to the takeoff point; Emergency stop function is to protect your drone from a sudden shock or flying away.

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